Ocean Grove is a Covenant community of over 70 homes located on the highest point of the Quimper Peninsula–450 feet above Discovery Bay and with great views of the Olympic Mountains.  It is 15 minutes from Port Townsend, Washington–an historical seaport and thriving arts center.  Ocean Grove amenities include a 28-acre green belt with maintained hiking trails and a private beach that includes 200 feet of tidelands with clams and geoducks.
There is no “Ocean” and no “Grove” but there are lots of evergreen trees and the bay.  The name came from the initial platting of the land by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1889.  They named it Ocean Grove because they wanted to create a campground and conference center patterned after one in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Their plans never reached fruition and in the early 1960s two developers replatted the area with the thought that it would become a place of modest weekend cabins.  They were unable to fulfill their commitment to provide water, improved roads and sewage disposal and lost their holdings to the Ocean Grove Trust, which was set up by early purchasers to pursue litigation against the developer.

After obtaining title to all the unsold land–and the developers’ unpaid tax bills–they were able to lobby the PUD to extend water service to the community.  This permitted the sale of lots and the proceeds were used to install a community drainfield to serve the many lots that could not support an on-site septic system.  The community drainfield, in turn, was sold to the PUD. Those owners who connected to the system paid off the PUD bonds and the system is managed by the PUD.  There are no available connections remaining.

The Trust was able to sell the remaining lots and the money was transferred to the Ocean Grove Association when the Trust was dissolved.  The Association is able to provide significant benefits and to maintain and improve the amenities with modest annual fees of $10 per lot and the interest from a$360,000 investment portfolio.

A fenced area is available to residents for the storage of Recreational Vehicles for $10 per month.