Ocean Grove Association

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2016

Present: Tom Lemmons, president; Jerry Gorsline, Vice President; Laura Souza, treasurer, Don Kruger, director; Dan Näsman, manager and 42 Members and guests. Absent: Eric Lucas, secretary, Shellie Mueller and Sean Stehura, directors..

After a light buffet luncheon, President Tom Lemmons called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM. He welcomed members and guests and introduced the board members in attendance. He commented on changes in the Association’s investments and its noted the overall progress of the Association.

Manager Dan Näsman outlined the changes in investments—notably the sale of the GTE (Verizon) $100,000/6.75% bond as it was moving to junk status pending the transfer of Verizon’s bond to Frontier Communication in April. The proceeds were invested in two Franklin-Templeton mutual funds (balanced fund currently paying 3.36% and California municipal bonds currently paying 2.65%.) The Mutual funds have the possibility of also increasing their equity value.

Näsman noted that the reduction in interest and dividend income required that owner fees be increased to $20/lot per year and RV storage fees to $150 per year. He reviewed the necessary Association expenditures: property tax, liability insurance, tax filings, etc and reported that lot fees would be around $35 per lot but that the investments subsidize the lot fees significantly.

Näsman also reported on the “no shooting” request that was submitted to the county administrator and supervisors in March 2015 were languishing in the county process but expected approval within the next few months..

The budget for 2016/17 was presented for membership approval. The projected income, along with the cash balances in the First Federal checking account and the Edward Jones Money Market account are sufficient to cover projected expenditures.

The budget was unanimously approved by voice vote.

Members were requested to vote for three director positions. Incumbents Jerry Gorsline, Eric Lucas, and Shellie Mueller were re-elected by acclimation, there being no other nominees.

Open discussion focused on issues relating to dog waste disposal and dog behavior at the trail head. Alice Lane, who voluntarily clears Scotch broom at the trail every year, reported find numerous “doggy bags” tossed into the greenbelt from the trail. She also indicated that off-leash dogs at the trailhead present a risk to her cat. Manager Näsman noted that the trail head is owned by the two adjacent property owners who granted an easement to the Association and that he would address the matter in a coming newsletter.

Adjourned 1:45 PM

Laura Sousa and Dan Näsman, secretaries pro tem

Next Board (Annual Reorganizational) meeting April 8, 2016, 10AM at the manager’s home

Ocean Grove Association

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2015

Present: Tom Lemmons, president; Eric Lucas, secretary; Jerry Gorsline, Vice President; Don Kruger, Shellie Mueller and Sean Stehura, directors; Dan Näsman, manager. Absent: Laura Souza, treasurer. 41 Members and guests.

After a light buffet luncheon, President Tom Lemmons called the meeting to order at 1:07 PM and indicated his satisfaction with the Association’s financial status and its overall progress.

Manager Dan Näsman reported on coordinated efforts with the PUD and the JeffCo Health Department to provide inspection services for owners who are connected to the community drainfield. He also reported on the “no shooting” request that has been submitted to the county supervisors.

The budget for 2015/16 was presented for membership approval. The projected income, along with the cash balances in the First Federal checking account and the Edward Jones Money Market account are sufficient to cover projected expenditures.

The budget was unanimously approved 134 to 0.

Members were requested to vote for two director positions. Laura Souza (113.5 votes) and Sean Stehura (107.5 votes) were reelected.

Three proposed Covenant changes were presented for membership approval. Each passed with more than the requisite 105 votes.

Article H. Parking of Recreational Vehicles, etc. 117 Aye; 12 Nay

Article M Signs 124 Aye; 7 Nay

Addendum A Article 6 deletion of specified time for housing during construction

Aye 123; Nay 7

Open discussion included requests for tree trimming at the RV lot, a professional assessment of fire hazards and fire prevention efforts in the greenbelt, scotch broom removal, and permitted signs

Adjourned 2:00 AM

Eric Lucas, Secretary

Next Board meeting: April 17, 2014, 10AM at the manager’s home

Annual Reorganizational meeting

Annual Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2014 1:15 PM
Northwest Maritime Center

Board members present: Vice President Sean Stehura,  Secretary Eric Lucas, Treasurer Laura Souza,  Directors Jerry Gorsline, and Don Kruger,  Manager Dan Näsman and 39 members..  Excused:  President Tom Lemmons and Director Beth Hutmacher

A lunch preceded the meeting at 12:15 PM.  Vice President and President pro tem, Sean Stehura opened the business meeting at 1:05.

A report on investments was given by manager Näsman.  He noted that bond investments provide 80% of the Association’s income for the operating budget.  Treasurer Laura Souza reviewed the budget development procedures and both answered members’ questions.  A motion for the secretary to record unanimous approval was endorsed by a voice vote.

Presiding officer Stehura noted that two incumbent board members, Tom Lemmons and Don Kruger, were nominated for re-election and called for further nominations from the floor.  A motion directing the Secretary to record a unanimous vote for the two candidates was approved.

Näsman discussed the structure of the Covenants and Bylaws and they relate to the affairs of the Association.  Some restructuring to highlight Association Rules and Regulations within the Bylaws will be presented to the Board for consideration.

Member Sue Horvath distributed information and voiced her concern regarding dog poop along the streets and reiterated her request that the Association contract with a service that would provide weekly removal of same.  Näsman indicated that the board shared the concern about the matter and wanted to see if raising the issue would lead to improvement but that the service would be contacted for more specific details.  He also indicated that  board was giving consideration to installing two doggie bag dispensers.  Members indicated support and added the suggestion that a waste container be at the same locations.

Sue Horvath expressed concern that the board was not enforcing Covenant language regarding guest RVs and distributed information, including an attorney’s opinion, to state her case,.  Näsman disagreed with the interpretation but stated that the board would review the matter with the board’s attorney.

Several owners complained of straying dogs and cats and the need for pet owners to be responsible in seeing that their pets do not trespass in other yards.

Ken Horvath, chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee gave a short overview of the committee’s activities and plans and requested owners to volunteer for various community needs.

Presiding officer Stehura adjourned the meeting at 2:10.

The Annual Board Reorganizational Meeting will be on Friday, April 11th at 1:30 PM at the manager’s home.


Eric Lucas, Secretary